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Montreal OlympicsThis is the official website of the Games of the XXI. Olympiad, the Montreal Olympic Summer Games of 1976, which took place in Montreal July 17 – August 1, 1976. It is created and sponsored by members of the Organizing Committee and welcomes texts from all members of that Committee.

The site complements the Official Report of 1978 but does not reiterate information in that Report. Some information was not known when that Report was issued, such as the final cost of the Games, and in quite a few cases people did not have the time while busy closing the Organizing Committee’s books to write their story of what happened.

1976 OlympicsThe Games are remarkable for many a competitors’ extraordinary performance: Nadia Comaneci, Irena Szewinska, Alberto Juantoreno, Tatyana Kazakina, Edwin Moses, Lasse Viren, Nikolay Andrianov, Greg Joy, John Wood, Michel Vaillancourt, Cheryl Gibson, Nancy Garapick, Shannon Smith, and the USA and Yogoslavia Basket Ball teams, to mention only a few.

The Montreal Games also attracted an excess of bad press during the years of preparation, but there is a paradox, because the Montreal Games enjoy the reputation worldwide as the best Games ever, at least up to Barcelona in 1992. Some incorrect information about Games costs is still repeated now and then in the Montreal press. This site will eventually correct the errors and clear up the misunderstandings.

If you want your text to be included in this site, contact Paul Howell before the end of 2007.


• Gervais Desrochers : Document: PDF
Yvan Dubois
François Godbout
Michel Guay:
     Document 1 : Mes années au sein de COJO76 : PDF / Web

     Document 2 : Le Système des Résultats des Jeux Olympiques de Montréal; Son utilisation en 1976, à Moscou en 1980 et à Los Angeles en 1984 : PDF / Web
     Document 3 : Legacy of the Olympic Games in Montreal : PDF / Web

Paul C. Howell :
Document : The Paradox of the Montreal Olympic Games : PDF / Web
Carroll A. Laurin : Document : Extrait du livre Dis-moi, grand-papa : PDF / Web
Yves Morin
Artur Takac : Sixty Olympic Years : Document : PDF / Web
Guy Toupin

James Worral : My Olympic Journey [excerpt] : Document : PDF / Web

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