If there's one thing Jersey City has a lot of, it's dogs. Every morning, they and their bleary-eyed owners take to the sidewalks and dog runs, usually without incident. But every now and then there's a problem. Often it starts in a dog run.

Such was the case yesterday for Hanna N. Yesterday, she recounted the story in a post on Nextdoor. “I was in a dog park with my dog. His dog attacked mine and the 2 dogs got into a fight. I tried to stop them with my umbrella and the umbrella broke. So i used my hand and body to stop them. The fight was not aggressive but i rather them to stop. However, when i tried to stop them, the owner was across the park and could not care less.”

Once the dogs were separated, Hanna realized she had been bitten.

Hanna went on. “I asked the owner to share his information so that I could contact him for rabies vaccine confirmation, but he refused to give it to me.”

And then she gave the pièce de résistance. “After he refused to share info, he cursed at me and walked away with his dog.”

Hanna said she “was scared and hurt and in shock.”

Two elementary school teachers, apparently accustomed to disciplining miscreants, “had to come over and told him to leave” said Hanna.

Online, outrage and solidarity was the order of the day.

“Irresponsible dog owners make it hard for the rest of us pet parents. Hope you find the info and you are ok!” chimed in Steve C. Said Javier M, “What a jerk! He should have been more helpful and especially not curse at you.”

Bridget M reported an incident with the same chocolate Labrador.

All agreed that a rabies shot was in order. Hanna said she had already gone to urgent care.

As to the foul-mouthed owner, Hanna reports that he may yet face justice. She has tracked him down and has called the police.