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This morning, Mayor Steven Fulop provided an update on his administration’s response to the Covid-19 (“Corona”) virus.

According to the mayor, there are no “confirmed” cases in Jersey City.

He urged those who think they may have been exposed to use the city’s dial in number to get information so as not to “overwhelm our medical facilities and make sure that people who are concerned don’t use public transportation to our medical facilities. We will direct you on where to go and our dispatchers will take the information as appropriate.” The number to call is 201 547-5208. In addition, anyone with questions about the novel coronavirus, symptoms, or their risk of exposure, can call the free, New Jersey 24-hour public hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

The city is prioritizing “vulnerable” populations and has 12,000 “meals ready to eat” and has set up “meal sites.”

The mayor is meeting with other city officials and group organizers to discuss the possible cancellation of events. In addition, the city will be proactively canceling the larger group events for the senior community.

The mayor asked that people to use judgement and to limit public gatherings where possible.

Additional resources can be found at:

New Jersey Department of Health:

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

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