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Jersey City has made a relatively strong showing in a rating of “Best Foodie Cities,” placing 53 out of 182 cities surveyed.

Compiled by financial website WalletHub, known for such groundbreaking studies as “Best Cities for Bocce Ball,” the analysis ranked cities by blending scores for “affordability” and “diversity, accessibility and quality.” The two categories were given a weighting of 30 percent and 70 percent, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, Portland, Oregon, home of such delicacies as bone marrow clam chowder and Burmese tea leaf salad, landed in first place.

Chilltown placed just behind Providence, Rhode Island and in front of Cleveland, Ohio. Weighed down, no doubt, by its high “PPP” ratio (pizzerias per person), Jersey City garnered only a 53 for diversity, accessibility, and quality.

New York City, on the other hand did better, coming in at 25 overall with a 6th-place finish for diversity, accessibility, and quality.

The big surprise is Orlando, Florida at number two, ostensibly owing to the authentic international food offerings at Disney World’s Epcot.

One should take this study with a large grain of salt. But in an effort to raise our ranking, let’s make that sea salt.

You can delve into the actual WalletHub study here.

Photo by Junior REIS on Unsplash

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