I am writing to you regarding the payroll problems within the Public Safety department
regarding civilians. I am one of those employees and choose to remain anonymous as I
fear that the department will retaliate against me for bringing these problems to light.

We are in our ninth payroll cycle, and they still cannot pay us right. No correction checks have been issued by the city to us, and everything is for us to contact our union. Right now I’m being underpaid by $200 per paycheck. That’s $1,800 total so far and that just me alone. Other people in public safety could be missing more.

The city of Jersey City has single handedly dismantled our union by firing our president and taking our union dues and holding them illegally in an account. What's left of
our executive board cannot function, and the city of Jersey City refuses to sit down and
negotiate or resolve these payroll issues.

I can tell you that the city is doing whatever they want because we don't have a leg to
stand on. I don't know how Mayor Fulop in his interview with News 12 a few weeks ago
can state that he treats his over 3,000 employees fairly. HE DOES NOT!!

In a recent email that became public, city business administrator John Metro stated that in order for any employee to be paid correctly, they will have to work a five-day-a-week schedule. I honestly don't know if these people live on another planet because the public safety employees that consist of Police Dispatch, Fire dispatch, Warrants (CJIS), and Prisoner Processing (BCI) all work rotating shifts, meaning these are 24/7 operations that need to be covered.

Unfortunately, we would like to get paid properly, and it has come to the civilian
employees to not come in on weekends because we would like to get paid correctly.
The city of Jersey City always cries that we spend too much money on overtime for
Public Safety. Well, this weekend in one unit alone they will be spending upwards of
over $10,000 to have coverage.

I don't know how Fulop would like it if it came out to the public what he does to
municipal employees in Jersey City. How is he going to treat an entire state if he's
elected governor? Best of luck to the New Jersey State Police and its civilian staff if he
is elected.

We Need Help. Thank you!