Dear Editor,

On Monday morning yet another avoidable fatal collision on Kennedy
Boulevard took place. The unfortunate reality is that JFK Boulevard is one of
the most dangerous roads in our county and despite impact studies done in
2011 and 2019 there has been limited changes.

I’m writing this letter to ask our county to prioritize initiating fixes proposed
by the JFK Safety Corridor Study report of 2019 and create an
action plan to start fixing JFK this summer.

There are small changes that the county can make to start this summer to
make the road safer for pedestrians including daylighting intersections and
installing high visibility crosswalks.

As stated in the JFK Safety Corridor Study between 2014 to 2016, JFK and its
outlet roads saw over 4,000 accidents with over 1,100 injuries. We can no
longer wait. I urge the county to take action now and prioritize pedestrian

Mamta Singh
Candidate for Hudson County Commissioner
District 4