Jersey City residents must come out to vote and re-elect Hudson County Commissioner William “Bill” O’Dea in District # 2 on Tuesday, November 7th, based on his inclusive and progressive track record as one the best public servants in our city and county.

Jersey City residents already know that not every elected official is a dedicated public servant and the best way to know the difference is based on the politician's public track record working with our communities. Bill O’Dea has proven with determination, discipline, and commitment to help any Jersey City resident with any issues that are presented to him. He is the most dedicated, hardworking, and progressive elected official in not just our county government, but throughout all of Jersey City governmental bodies.

The most rewarding feeling for a resident who is facing a problem is that our elected officials respond to our calls or emails and provide solutions to our communities’ issues. Bill is one of the most responsive elected officials who is willing to work hand-in-hand with Jersey City residents to solve their problems.

Bill has devoted his life to public service and has advocated on our behalf regardless of the Hudson County Democratic Organization’s (HCDO) views on many issues. He has always worked in favor of our Jersey City and Hudson County residents for over three decades. He has been very supportive and outspoken to many systemic issues affecting our communities, including social justice, immigration, economic development, and workforce development for those most in need.

I would like to take time to publicly remind everyone of all the issues which Bill has supported most recently during the last four years that have demonstrated that we, the residents of Jersey City, can trust him with our votes next Tuesday November 7th during the general election.

Bill was one of the first elected officials who protested when the Jersey City government quietly imposed a new solid waste fee (tax) in 2021 on all residents. He was one of the first elected officials who joined Friends of Liberty State Park in different rallies to protect Caven Point. Bill was one of the few, if not the only county elected official, who came out in support of the much needed Right To Counsel Ordinance to ensure tenants’ rights are protected in Jersey City.

Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea came out hard against proposed Jersey City pool fees and summer camp fees, which limited recreational program access for youth, specifically minority youth in our city. He was the only County Commissioner who came out against the Jersey City Ward Commission decision to approve a new electoral boundaries map that disenfranchised minority voters in our city.

Jersey City has suffered under the leadership of career politicians who have gained political and economic power in order to achieve their personal political ambitions. We cannot afford to support dishonest, greedy, and power-hungry individuals who are not focused on the best interest of Jersey City residents. This is the reason why we should support and vote for Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea in his bid for re-election for Hudson County District # 2.