By Herminio Mendoza, Boris Ioffe and Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

The Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey and grassroots GOP leaders in Hudson County invite all registered Republicans to apply to be poll workers for the upcoming November 2022 Congressional elections (apply here: NJ DOS – Division of Elections – Poll Worker Application). Poll workers are generously compensated and are important stakeholders in the election process. Legally, but more importantly morally, the two-party system requires registered members of each party to oversee the process during early voting and on election day in every polling place to ensure a fair, unbiased, and transparent process.

For we Republicans in Hudson County, it is imperative not only that we get out the vote, support GOP candidates, and show the country that the red wave is happening everywhere, but that any notion of extra-legal or illegal irregularities that makes Hudson County the butt of jokes across the state are put to bed. If Republicans do not show up, are not at the table, and do not participate in the same process in which Democrats are supervising the election, how will we ever be certain any election is legitimate?

For the Republican Party, for the Republic, and for free and fair elections, sign up to be a poll worker during early voting and on election day in Hudson County for the 2022 Congressional election cycle.

Tell your fellow registered Republicans to sign up as well. Every registered Republican with a clean record and who is over 18 can serve in this vital role.

Herminio Mendoza is President of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey

Boris Ioffe is Hudson County Republican Committeeman from Jersey City