Dear Editor,

When will we say “enough” to the proliferation of smoke shops in Jersey City? It seems like every block is now home to multiple smoke shops, with more still popping up. This situation demands immediate attention from our city officials. Just as liquor stores are regulated, so too should these smoke shops be.

What's even more concerning is how these smoke shops are targeting our children. They prominently display kids' favorite snacks, candies in their windows, using strategic marketing tactics to lure our children inside. This blatant attempt to get our kids addicted is unacceptable and must be stopped.

We've shown before that Jersey City can take action for the betterment of our community. We successfully addressed the issue of bars, and now it's time to tackle the overabundance and irresponsible practices of these smoke shops.

As a lifelong resident of Jersey City and a mother of four, I urge our city leaders to step in and regulate these smoke shops immediately. Let's protect our children and our community from the harmful effects of excessive and predatory marketing.


Jessica Hellinger
Fed up Lifelong Jersey City Resident

Jessica Hellinger describes herself as a lifelong resident of Jersey City who has been deeply engaged in community affairs for many years. Jessica involvement spans a wide range of issues, including quality...