This summer, Liberty Science Center invites visitors to climb aboard OceanX, “the most
advanced marine research and media vessel ever built” to virtually explore and conduct research on the planet’s oceans.

By viewing footage from the vessel’s “submersible,” attendees will experience being surrounded by the authentic sights and sounds of the ocean, according to Sean Brech, a spokesman for the Center.

“The goal of the exhibition is not only to educate visitors of all ages, but also to connect them with the oceansin a way that inspires them to deeply engage with, understand,
appreciate, and protect this majestic realm,” said Paul Hoffman, LSC’s president and CEO.

The exhibition, called OceanXperience, features several choices for guided research missions allowing guests to visit the exhibition multiple times for unique experiences each visit. One mission challenges “Xplorers” to study orca group dynamics by piloting a drone to observe an orca pod,virtually tagging an animal, and collecting audio and visual data to
learn how members of the pod coexist. On future visits, guests might choose to research complex humpback whale communication or the tropical habitat of hammerhead sharks.

Guests will record their research using radio frequency identification technology wristbands as they move through the gallery exploring replicas of the OceanXplorer’s most interesting rooms, including Mission Control, Bridge, Wet and Dry Labs and Sub Hangar. In the groundbreaking HoloLab, visitors will don HoloLens 2 headsets to see how this new holographic technology can be used for scientific research and collaboration.

Tickets for OceanXperience are available through Labor Day. 

OceanXperience is based on an upcoming National Geographic television series that follows a team of scientists and “storytellers” exploring the most inaccessible depths of the world’s oceans and highlighting the the challenges they face along the way. 

“OceanXperience elevates OceanX’s mission to educate people about the wonders of our ocean, most of whom only get to see the unique lifeforms and ecosystems through a screen at home,” said Mark Dalio, Founder and Co-CEO of OceanX.

The exhibition is also co-produced by Flying Fish Exhibits. Said Jay Brown, the company’s principal and managing director, “The goal with OceanXperience was to go beyond producing a traditional visitor experience. We've created an exhibition that's dynamic,
engaging, and fun, but with a purpose – to raise awareness of our oceans and the importance of their conservation.”