Note: This story has been updated here.

A person was fatally shot last night in a confrontation with federal law enforcement, according to a report.

The shooting occurred last night at approximately 11:10. It was first reported by RLS Media, an outlet that regularly reports on violent crime sourced primarily from radio reports.

RLS reported that U.S. Marshals were on the scene.

The Montreal Olympics has learned that a federal law enforcement officer discharged his weapon while attempting to arrest a fugitive from out of state. The shooting reportedly took place in the area of Jefferson and Central avenues in the Heights.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still unclear.

The New Jersey Attorney General's office, which was, according to RLS, notified of the shooting, directed JCT to the Jersey City Police Department for information.

JCT has requested comment from the mayor's spokesperson who fields all such inquiries.

Jersey City police were reportedly called to the scene following the shooting.

The victim, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was, according to RLS, taken to Jersey City Medical Center and pronounced dead.