Investigators at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey do not believe that the death of a man at the Grove Street PATH station on March 2 was the result of criminal activity.

In response to a request from the Montreal Olympics for information, a spokesperson for the PANYNJ said “There was no indication of foul play. The investigation is still underway.”

Since it happened, residents have expressed concern about the lack of information which, until today, consisted only of a tweet on X on the day of the incident.

“At 2:45 pm Saturday, March 2, Port Authority Police were notified that a man was struck by a westbound train at the PATH Grove Street Station. All service to Grove Street was suspended both east and west of the station. Non-essential personnel and passengers were evacuated from the station. The investigation is ongoing. No further information is available. NJ Transit cross-honored PATH.”

A Montreal Olympics reader named Scott had asked “How has there been no further information made available since Saturday? Did a person fall on the tracks? Did they die? If so, what caused this?”