NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

This upcoming Tuesday, March 26, and Wednesday, March 27, the MVC Mobile Unit will be at the Jersey City Hall Annex at Jackson Square from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Those interested can visit https://telegov.njportal.com/njmvcmobileunit/ to schedule appointments for REALID, registration renewal, duplicate titles, non-driver ID and permits.

NJ Office of the State Comptroller

New Jersey’s Office of the State Comptroller has directed Hudson County to stop its awarding of a $13.5 million contract to a company that manages prison healthcare. The OSC says that the county failed to use a process with free and open competition. Furthermore, the OSC finds that Hudson County has not been following the proper process or transparency requirements since as far back as 2018.

Health & Safety

Research from Boston’s Jason Stone Injury Lawyers has named Hudson County as the third deadliest county in the nation for fatal car crashes at intersections. Out of 121 fatalities, 64 occurred at an intersection. Kings County, Brooklyn, was ranked as the #1 deadliest in the country.

Politics & Elections

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has announced that he is now backing Andy Kim for U.S. Senate, a change from his earlier support for Tammy Murphy. In an email blast, he wrote:

“It’s not always comfortable to admit when a mistake is made. I was wrong in my early support of Tammy Murphy for Senate. I admit that I should have waited and listened more. 

“After watching the county conventions, it’s hard to argue that Andy Kim isn’t the stronger candidate for the U.S. Senate race. This campaign has become a catalyst for the backbone of the Democratic Party to be saying loud and clear that things need to change in New Jersey. I fully agree with them.


Ward E Councilman James Solomon says he's fully behind Congressman Andy Kim's lawsuit to end the controversial New Jersey ballot design that includes a “party line.”

“I have been passionately fighting against New Jersey’s archaic and undemocratic county line system for my entire career in public service. In 2021, I led the charge for a Jersey City Municipal Council resolution calling to abolish the line – and this month, I was proud to join Rep. Andy Kim’s lawsuit as a friend of the court challenging the constitutionality of the line.

“Between Rep. Kim’s resounding people-powered victories in county conventions and NJ Attorney General Matt Platkin’s decision not to defend the line in court, it is clear that momentum is firmly on the side of voters and democracy – not county machine interests. I look forward to the day where my constituents, and voters all across the state, will finally be able to engage in a democracy free from machine meddling and special interests.”

Taxes & Unemployment

A study from WalletHub ranks New Jersey as being the second worst in the nation for change in unemployment rate. WalletHub compared current unemployment rate statistics with those from dates going back to 2019. As of February of this year, New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 4.8%, the fifth highest in the country. 

A new report from WalletHub shows that New Jersey is ranked as having the ninth worst return on investment for taxpayers. To create the rankings, the platform looked at the efficiency and quality of services provided by each state government, and focused on five different categories: Infrastructure & Pollution, Education, Safety, Health, and Economy. WalletHub also factored in the different tax rates in each state.

Renovations & Upgrades

Hudson Valley Property Group has completed a renovation of the Grandview Terrace Apartments, a large senior housing complex in Journal Square. The work done includes security and ADA upgrades, energy efficiency improvements, and kitchen updates. Jason Bordainick, the co-founder and managing partner of Hudson Valley Property Group says, “We're elated to unveil the revitalized Grandview Terrace, a collaborative effort with the Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA) and HUD that will ensure long-term affordability for local seniors that were previously at-risk of losing access to this affordable housing and possibly being displaced.”

The new Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport has been awarded a five-star rating from Skytrax, a firm that rates airports. “Five stars are reserved for the best of the best, but we expected nothing less for Newark’s Terminal A,” says Kevin O’Toole, Port Authority Chairman. “We set out to raise the bar with Terminal A, from its soaring architecture to its streamlined design to its engaging local art. This stellar evaluation from the aviation industry’s preeminent rating organization proves we’ve accomplished exactly that, giving New Jersey a magnificent gateway that is taking its rightful place among the world’s best.”

Emily was born and raised in New Jersey, and graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in architecture. She has a background in design, public health, radio, and comedy.